Meditation for “LOVE”

Love also means being able to forgive, not thinking of ourselves as too important, and being able to see the beauty and good in all things. When we are considerate of other people, we increase out potential for the power of love. It is impossible for us to be open-minded in this relationship. Being tolerant and patient means that we love another despite their different outlook or their faults. Forgiveness and patience go together. When we can imagine and understand that out personal point of view is not the central point or the measure of all things, we can be open-minded and patient. Only then can we forgive and allow the power of love to grow.

The power of love passes through many people, from one to another, and mutually strengthens them. There is a form of mediation that strengthens this same kind of power. In meditation, many people connect with each other in a “circle of love.”
Start the Meditation

Sit in a comfortable place where no one disturbs you. Lit a pink candle in front of you. (If you don’t have a pink candle imagines a pink candle). Look, concentrate on the pink light. Slowly close your eyes and for a while concentrate on your heart chakra. Imagine that your heart fills with a warm, radiant pink light. Let this pink light, which has the intensity of love inside it, grow. Next, let that light grow within your body and then into your aura. Let the light expand ever farther and flow to people who play an important role in your life. Embrace them in your thoughts, and open your heart to them. 

Imagine your love ones getting closer to you, to your heart. Think all positive and imagine all positive thoughts about your relationship. Once done slowly open your eyes and scan the feelings.




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