What is KUA Formula?

One of the most powerful of the compass feng shui formulas is the Eight Mansions formula. Its most important benefit is its easy practicality. Due to its aspect of dealing exclusively with personalized auspicious and inauspicious directions, anyone can use it to the greatest benefit.
The Eight Mansions formula enables you to find your best and worst directions. And once you know these directions, you should invest in a good and reliable compass. And then on, you would only need to take some time to always check your sleeping, sitting and facing directions while you sleep, sit, work, have a meeting or give a presentation. This small effort is very important to get the most out of your auspicious directions. Your life would never be the same again, once you get into the habit of checking your directions. 
Good feng shui will have changed it forever! 
Kua formula says, everyone belongs to either the East or West group. These two groups are in conflict with each other, and so these groups would suffer if they sit or are located in the direction facing each other. So the first thing to find out from your Kua number is the group to which you belong, East or West group.
Kua (magic) Number / Calculating your Kua Number

Kua numbers for males
Kua numbers for females
Take the year of your birth and add together the last two digits ,if the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number, deduct the result from 10 and the answer is your Kua number
5 + 4
= 9
= 1
Take the year of your birth, add together the last two digits, it the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number, and then add 5. if the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number and the answer is your Kua number
1 + 1
= 2

  The formula changes for those born after the year 2000. Thus for boys who are born in the year 2000 and after, instead of deducting from 10 you should deduct from 9. For girls instead of adding 5, you should add 6.

13th March 2000
4th September 2004
9 – 0 = 9
6 + 4 = 10 = 1

There is no Kua No-5 in this Feng Shui system – males who have a Kua no. of 5 should use 2 as their Kua and females who have a Kua no.of 5 should use 8 as their Kua.

Are you east or west group?

Your kua number will help you to determine whether you are an East group or West group person.

East group people have Kua number: 1, 3, 4 and 9

West group people have Kua number: 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8

East group directions East, Southeast, North and South – are auspicious for East group people, while West group directions are unlucky for them. People belonging to this group should ideally live in East group houses which are defined as “sitting East”. The houses that face an East group direction are also beneficial to them. However, since the sitting direction is the exact opposite of the facing direction, East group people can maximize their luck by living in houses that have a sitting/facing axis direction of North/South, for both these directions belong to the East group.
West group directions West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast – are auspicious for West group people, while East group directions are unlucky for them. People belonging to this group should ideally live in West group houses which are defined as “sitting West”. Staying in houses that face a West group direction is also beneficial to them. However, since the sitting direction is the exact opposite of the facing direction, West group people can maximize their luck by living in houses that have a sitting/facing axis direction of the Northeast/Southwest, for both these directions belong to the West group.

Your Kua number can help you to determine your directions and elements from the chart above. Determine your Kua number and look for your different good and bad luck directions paying careful attention to the fine tuning of good and bad luck. Also make note of your self-element and your direction group. The Kua number formula gives many clues you can use to personalize your feng shui, this makes it such a valuable formula. Learning your personalized feng shui details is a great idea, as you can enhance your personal feng shui anywhere, anytime.

The Four Lucky Directions

Each and every individual has four good and lucky directions that can bring them auspicious luck. You can find below the explanation for the four lucky directions:

Sheng Chi (Wealth)

The first lucky direction is Sheng chi or wealth. This direction is the most significant as it brings wealth, success and prosperity to the individual. Sheng chi is the Chinese word where Sheng means growth and Chi means energy. It is the direction that brings growth energy. It emphasizes on the place and the direction that enables an individual to attract wealth and prosperity.

Since this direction brings wealth and prosperity, your house entrance or your building entrance should correspond to this direction. This direction further enables you to get an excellent feng shui and enhance happiness in your life. One should sit in this direction while working, negotiating a deal or giving a presentation, interview, etc. A person working in an office should keep his desk in such a way that he faces this direction. This ensures that all the energy that he faces is auspicious and that further brings him luck. One should not miss any chance of getting this energy, and so at home one should sleep with the head pointed to this direction. One can sit in this direction while eating as well.  

Tien Yi (Health)

The second best direction is Tien Yi that means health luck. In Chinese Tien means heaven and Yi means Doctor that means the Heavenly Doctor direction. This signifies the direction that brings you good health and longevity luck. Longevity means long life. This direction enables you to stay healthy and prevents from all the negative energies that may cause illness or loss of life.

This direction can prove best for a person with poor health condition. If you feel that laziness and lack of enthusiasm has surrounded you then you must explore this direction. At home while cooking, one should position the cooker in this direction to ensure that, whatever energy enters in the cooking appliance comes from this direction.  Also, while having your food you should face your Tien Yi direction, so that you get all the energy from this direction. This enables you to stay healthy.
Fu Wei (Personal Growth)

The third direction is Fu Wei means personal growth luck direction. This direction provides excellent education and personal development luck. It is also known as Wisdom direction. If you face this direction while doing any writing work, it will help you to think more clearly. The Fu Wei direction helps you to enhance your personal abilities and so it is beneficial for executives and managers to face this direction while sitting on their desk at work. This will further enable them to accomplish growth in their professional as well as personal life.

This direction is also helpful for students. School children or students pursuing any educational program can benefit from this area of the house.  This direction is highly beneficial when you are doing Yoga, meditation, creative visualization, or if you just want to relax. 

Nien Yen (Love)

Nien yen is the best direction for the family harmony. One should keep the entrance of the living room or bedroom in this direction. This direction can provide you with wonderful family, marriage, relationship and children luck.  The Nien Yen direction has the essence of the romance that further leads to marriage. It is not a fickle but a serious kind of romance and so it converts into marriage, family and so on. Facing this direction encourages goodwill, tolerance and pleasant relationship. If you want to get married or you are already married and want a healthy relationship with family, then this is the best direction to explore. Positioning the door of the bedroom in the Nien Yen direction of the husband or the father is beneficial for the family. It can also be positioned in the Nien yen direction of wife, however, it is better to follow the head of the family’s Nien Yen i.e. the father. Facing this direction while eating or teaching your children or communicating with your spouse will encourage goodwill. This will further encourage tolerance that will lead to a harmonious relationship. This direction will also make you feel comfortable while socializing. Sleeping with the head in this direction benefits those who are looking for a soul mate and those who lack love and romance in their life.  Mother’s having issues with their children should definitely tap this direction. Make your children to sleep in their Nein Yen direction and not yours. If you sleep in your Nein Yen direction, then you will have a good time with your family. And it will also benefit you in executing your matriarchal presence.

Once you understand four lucky directions, try to enhance and face them whenever possible.


The Four Unlucky Directions

There are also four unlucky directions that you need to take note of. Each of the four bad directions brings different kinds of inauspicious luck.

The following is an explanation of each of the unlucky directions:

HO HAI (Bad Luck) 
This direction may bring mild bad luck. It is translated as accident and mishaps. This direction may lead to misfortune, but not the kind that spells the end of everything. Facing your Ho Hai direction, you may meet with an accident, get fall ill, or get blamed when something goes wrong. Ho Hai is the least bad of the four unlucky directions. 
WU KUEI (5 Ghosts) 
Wu Kuei means “Five Ghost”. This direction is the second mildest of the four bad directions. If the main entrance of your house is facing this direction, you may encounter trouble with your employees or working with others. Facing this direction may lead to mishaps like fire and burglary, and in severe cases, your youngest child may get hurt. If the most important sectors in your house are located in your Wu Kuei location, it may lead to quarrels within the family and further affect the peaceful environment at home or at work. The direction may also bring troublesome people into your life, causing a lot of problems. It would be best to keep the kitchen stove in the Wu Kuei sector of your home. You should not have the main living area or the bedroom in your Wu Kuei sector. 
CHUEH MING (Total Loss) 
One of the very worst directions, Chueh Ming signifies total loss. If the main door of the house is facing patriarch’s Chueh Ming, it could cause the death of the entire family leading to the end of the family name. Facing this direction could cause wealth loss and bankruptcy, and everything in your life will tend to go wrong. You could lose all your descendants. The family may suffer from regular and persistent problems of ill health.  It is very essential to avoid this direction at all costs as it could prove fatal.
LIU SHA (6 Killings) 
The next worst direction is Chueh Ming. Facing this direction may cause grievous harm to the family and the business. It may create legal problems in business. Family members may fall ill constantly and there may be deaths. The six types of misfortune that includes illness, death, loss of good name, loss of wealth and loss of descendants may befall if you face your Liu Sha direction. Misfortune in many different manifestations could occur. Locate a storeroom, kitchen or toilet in this sector to effectively suppress the bad Chi of the sector. 


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