GOMAI DHOOP STICK (Space clearing stick)

The importance of Indian cow has been mentioned by our Rishi’s in our Veda & Ayurvedant. Traditional Indian life is intimately associated with cow dung which is put to multiple uses and is accepted as purifying, space clearing and antiseptic. Research on cow dung has been proved that it contains all antiseptic properties & anti-microbial and excellent mosquito repellent property.
Advantages of Gomai Dhoop Stick

The Pure dhoop stick or handmade incense stick made from cow dunk and pure desi ghee with natural scents and herbs ensures to purify the surrounding and spiritualize the ambience. The lightening of pure dhoop will produce divine feeling of yagna.

Cow ghee (घी), when poured on burning cow dung, produces phenomenal amount of oxygen and can fight pollution effectively.

This dhoop sticks has been made from all natural ingredients, like natural herbs, (Vanaspati) Bhimseni camphor & pure ghee which generates positive vibes and live in a healthy environment.

By using Gomai Dhoop stick regularly I personally got to experience a good change in my working, home environment.

Tip: This dhoop sticks are chemical and charcoal free.

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Gomai Dhoop Stick


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