Camphor lamp is specially designed and always recommended for space clearing, removing negative energy from home, office, shop etc. It has power to clean at highest bad energy, negativity from your surrounding environment. Feng shui / Reiki Camphor Lamp is a lamp that spreads peace, positive energy and harmony in your house. Camphor Lamp balances and harmonizes the environment around us. Camphor lamp brings positive energy to your house. It neutralizes negative energy coming to your house.

How to use Camphor Lamp (Diya)?
Place the camphor lamp and add the mustard oil in the base portion. Lit the lamp. Place the bowl with Bhimseni camphor (2-3 pieces) on the lamp. The bowl with camphor in it gets heated it starts activating in the form of vapour which spread positive energy inside the house. 

Advantages of Camphor Lamp
  1.  The camphor lamp is very effective in neutralizing the negative energy and help to bring prosperity, wealth in home, office, business & health.
  2. Camphor Lamp balances and harmonizes the aura around us.
  3. It neutralizes the negative energy. It provides stability for your money.
  4. It can be used to remove stress. It spreads peace and harmony in your house
  5. It purifies the atmosphere by removing all types of negative energies present in it due to tension, Depression, planetary effects and also the harmful radiations emitted by T.V., Computer, microwave Oven, Mobiles etc.
  6. Lamp also cleanses the air of the disease- Causing germs & improves its odour.
  7. All the negative energy gets acculated in the form of a beehive like structure under the camphor bowl. The Formation of this beehive depends upon the amount of negative Energy in the environment.
  8. The special design of this lamp attracts all the Negative energy & burns it off leaving absolutely clean, pure & Healthy environment. This magic lamp is absolutely essential for Homes, offices, factories & healing centre.

Where to place?

You may keep Camphor lamp anywhere in your house, office as there is no such direction suggested.

Keeping in Kids room will help to improve to develop their concentration in studies.


For good & quick result it is recommended using the pure natural medicinal grade camphor (Bhimseni Camphor) and not the common camphor which is available in the market.

Fengshui / Reiki Camphor Lamp

absorption of negative energy

Camphor lamp

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