The basic belief behind Feng Shui is that there are five elements, some combinations of which create a productive cycle, and some a destructive cycle. When one of these five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, respectively for the productive cycle – are combined with an element adjacent to the main element, a productive cycle is perpetuated. The reason being that water sustains wood, wood feeds fire, ashes create earth, earth creates metal, and metal holds water. So if you have a room where wood is the main element, it would be good Feng Shui to add a water or fire element to the room, as water feeds wood and wood feeds fire. This is where candles would be a nice touch of good Feng Shui.
Primary candles hold much importance in Feng Shui.
  1. yellow Feng Shui candle symbolizes the earth and is used for having harmony and union in a relationship. So if your romantic life or relationship is going through a rough patch then a yellow Feng Shui candle can do a lot to balance the energy. 
  2. The other important Feng Shui color candle is the red candle. These Feng Shui candles represent the fire element and are used to increase reputation and fame. 
  3. Just on the opposite are the white Feng Shui candles. The white candles have two important usages. First, a white candle symbolizes heaven and indicates helpful friends, teachers and achieving different goals. 
  4. The other symbol of white candles is a lake and indicates joy, kids and growth in creativity. Other than this the Orange Feng Shui candle has many different uses. The first representation is a mountain, representing wisdom and peace. The second use of Feng Shui candle is for achieving wealth and growth symbolizing the sun. Other than this the orange color Feng Shui candle represents water and also helps in improving the career and work life overall.
placement guidelines of scented candles
As the colors of Feng Shui are important, so is the placement of the candles strategically. It is best to follow a Bagua map to make sure candles of the appropriate color are placed in the right direction. Keep in mind the candle shape as well. It is said that the five elements of Feng Shui combine together to give a productive cycle. When the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal are individually combined with a corresponding element then a productive cycle is made. 
If wrong placed scented candles
But just like there is good Feng Shui there is bad Feng Shui as well. The same five elements if not placed properly can clash among each other. But yet these elements can be used together if any one element overpowers a particular room. For example there is too much metal furniture in one room then to strike a balance has Feng Shui blue or silver candles placed around the room to balance the energies.
Here is a table giving in detail the different colors and scents of different Feng Shui candles and the place where they should be put to get the best output.

Direction – Element
North – Water
Midnight (Lavender & Spice)
Morning Rain (Cool with Water Accents)
East – Wood
Green, Green/Blue
Patchouli or Eucalyptus
South – Fire
Apples & Cinnamon
West – Metal
Ylang Ylang
Helping People
Tropical Storm
Center -Earth
Yellow, Brown, Orange
Lemongrass or Sandalwood   or Rosemary Bergamot
Potpourri (Fruits & Spices)

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