What is Maha Meru Chakra?

Shree Maha Meru Yantra also known as Shree Meru Chakra is the ultimate tool to get Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It can be installed at any place like Home, Office, Business center, Temples and other places of worship. It gives very good and favourable energy which also have a healing power to it and hence this Yantra can also be installed at places like Hospitals, Healing Centers, Prayer Halls or even at places of Religious or social ceremonies.
Shree Maha Meru Chakra Yantra is actually a three dimensional projection of yantra known as Shree Yantra which is said to be mother of all yantras. It is believed that this yantra has been created by “Trinity “themselves who are the creator of this universe as well. Hence, this Yantra is also considered as a genetic code of the entire cosmos. Ancient Vedic Texts stipulate that even a mere presence of this Yantra in a household or at any other place bestows Success, Happiness, Mental Peace as well as Health, Wealth and Harmony. This Yantra is said to correct all kind of Doshas including the Vastu Dosha.
Importance of Maha Meru Chakra
Sri Chakra is said to contain within itself the essence of all other yantras, and thus it contains the essence of all traditions. Certain powers, for example, are ascribed to the six-pointed Star of David, the Christian cross, the five-pointed star, the Egyptian and Meso-American pyramids, and so on. The Meru’s particular configuration is revered in all Eastern traditions: It integrates the essence of Indian Mother Goddess worship, Mahayana Buddhism, Chinese feng shui, the Eleusinian mysteries of the Ancient Greeks, and so much more. The Maha Meru can bring unbounded happiness and every good thing in life. Just keeping it in one’s home will confer great blessings, because the Meru subtly connects itself to the other major yantras in the world. 
Its mere presence is said to cleanse the home of defects under both the vaastu and feng shui systems; to ward off and neutralize negative energies and the “evil eye” To protect against unfavorable planetary influences; and to bring about healing, prosperity and peace of mind. Wherever it is placed, it brings order, peace, happiness, health, and wealth – in short, everything that is needed. A mere touch burns away sin like a wad of cotton wool consumed by a fire. There remains no desire unfulfilled one experiences infinite enjoyment, both here and in the hereafter. There is no siddhi that cannot be attained by regular worship of a Meru.
Placement of Maha Meru chakra
When this Yantra is placed in the North East, it corrects the energy levels of North East as well as energy levels of entire house which makes it a extremely effective tool of Vedic Yantra science since the defects in the North East and North are supposed to be most harmful.

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Maha Meru Chakra

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